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Name/nickname: Celina/Cela; Age: 17; Passion: MUSIC. Dream: to be a famous musician. Fav colour: black and #bada55; Fave thing about yourself: being stubborn when trying to reach a goal; A secret: I used to have self harm issues; Fav song: Rachel Kann - I Know This & Guns N' Roses - Dust N' Bones; Fav tv show: The Office (US); Fav movie: The Boat That Rocked & 200 Cigarettes; Something random: READ CHUCK PALAHNIUK'S BOOKS THEY'RE AMAZING; P.S. Love your blog :)

Celina ♥ I agree, I think stubbornness is a really good thing when trying to reach a goal :3  Aw, I feel you, I used to have the same issues some years ago, I hope you feel better now cutie~ 

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My name is Sarah, but most o my family calls me Josephine (long story).

Heey Sarah :D or Josephine, whatever you prefer 

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I'm Emily, 1048years old :), I love anything cultural, my dream is to help as many people as I possibly can, I love Turquoise, I love that I can be compassionate. A secret: I went to modelling school when I was 7, I love!! Look Alive Sunshine/Na Na Na because it just gets me pumped! And I love Supernatural because ugh and the promo at SDCC! Favourite movie: The Spectacular Now or Soul Surfer. Random: I was born in South Africa and moved to England when I was 8 1/2

Hellooo cutie 
SOUTH AFRICA? wow that sounds so exciting, and yes the promo are they trying to kill us what even? Thanks for being a sweetie

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Cat/Cath -15 - Biggest Passion: Playing the guitar - Biggest dream: Going to Cambridge and becoming a Nueroscientist - Favourite color: Blue - Favourite thing about yourself: My eyes - A secret: I don't really have any that I can't hunk of right now - Favourite song: Blackbird by The Beatles - Favourite tv show: Supernatural or Doctor Who - Favourite movie: Something random: I can't roll my R's

You somehow sound like an awesome superhero? Cat, babe you are so cool~ 

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I’ll be tagging these posts with ‘karoline’s cuties’ so you can BL it if you want :3

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id rather fall in lava than fall in love

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7x20, The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

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you're an amazing artist wowow

you just made my entire day, you have no idea, bless your face

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Hi! Name / nickname: Lizzy - Age: 17 - Biggest Passion: Art - Biggest dream: To help those who can't help themselves - Favourite colour: Cerulean - Favourite thing about yourself: I like my hair - A secret: I want to change lives - Favourite song: tied between This is Gospel (p!atd) and Let There Be (Gungor) - Favourite tv show: Supernatural - Favourite movie: Earth to Echo - Something random: I love carrots

Aww, Lizzy you seem like the sweetest person, like I honestly just aww’d in real life. I just want to kiss your nose, wow ♥

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Castiel in Season 9

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Little promo becuase I’m so close to my next hundred


And I started with college again UGH

-Must be following me and reblog this post.

-First 10(+ísh). Mutualsfavourite, +follow.

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You are like the mother of kawaii emojiis



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Hi uwu my name is Paula uhh nickname, well, some call me pau. I'm 18 and rn I love everything about art, languages and psychology. I'd love to travel around the world, meet Misha Collins and give him a big hug ;u;, also I'd love to write a book and work as a scientist. I like red and uhm my fav movie is Amélie and song idk?? But I'm kinda obsessed with bastille at the moment and random uhm both of my pinky fingers are crooked. That's it :) <3

Aw, Pau, you are super cute and ugh, God knows that I get flustered when I see your url~ YES, LET’S TRAVEL THE WORLD  

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My collection of kawaii emojii’s  ~  I did not make these nor do I own them, I’ve just collected these through 2 years so yeah

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